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Astek catch your demand on Power Supply Astek catch Your Demand on Power Supplies '


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About Power Supply Unit, CB is a mother safety approval. Why do we say so? 

CB is a mutually admitted between countries and established by IECEE. It has 34 countries and 45 Authorized lab in this System for re-applying other certificates
. CB is based on IEC standards. When countries standards of the individual are different with IEC, CB also allows them but shall publish to the other members. CB report can approve products samples pass the adequate test and meet the relative regulations of IEC and memberships. Its purpose is to speed up the international trades and reach "one test for multiple purposes".

Based on CB standard, Astek power supply designs take power supply circuit, components, diagram and function etc into consideration. Power Supply quality and safety are the most important issues. 

Its membership includes Austria, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Swiss, China, Czech Republic, Germany, Demark, Spain, Finland, France, England, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korean, Mexico, Netherland, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal,Russia, Romania, Singapore, Slovenia, Slovakia, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, America, Yugoslavia and so on.

Brief introduction about power supplies with IT and medical CB grades:


AEA300  230-310W Desktop Adapter

AEA250  160-250W Desktop Adapter

AEA170  130W-180W Desktop Adapter

AEA135  120W-150W Desktop Adapter

AEA101  120W-130W Desktop Adapter

ATA120  100W-120W Desktop Adapter

ATA090  90W       Desktop Adapter

ATA065  60W       Desktop Adapter

ATA050  50W       Desktop Adapter

ATA036  36W       Desktop Adapter

APA045  45W       Wall Mount/Travel/Desktop Adapter

APA024  15W-24W   Wall Mount/Travel/Desktop Adapter

APA015  15W-18W   Wall Mount/Travel/Desktop Adapter

APA012  12W-18W   Wall Mount/Travel/Desktop Adapter

APA005  5W-6W     Wall Mount/Travel Adapter

Open frame

Wide Input Voltage Range: 100~240VAC

Output watt: 15W~250W

Output Voltage: 3V~56V

Single/Dual/Triple/Quad Output

Compact Size Design


For Detailed product information, please touch us or visit the Products Web pages. Thank you. 

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