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(Australia/New Zealand Safety Registration)

Australia and New Zealand are one of our main markets. Our external power supplies focus on the changes of safety certificates, efficiency level and environmental standards. 

From Mar. 1 of 2016, under EESS standards, RCM replaced c-tick and Australian safety approval. Before selling external powers supplies there, the local vendors shall register RCM with safety (apply through CB), EMC and the relative product information on EESS website. If adapters are wall mount, it requires a plug test report by authorized safety organization. 

 Our adapters are with Australian plug and RCM compliance. Also, we are willing to make our Australian and New Zealand customers register it successfully. Whichever you are local representatives or not, if you have any problems on this issue, please inquire us soon. Thank you. 

Wide Input Voltage Range: 100~240VAC

Output watt: 5W~310W

Output Voltage: 3V~56V

Single/Dual/Triple Output

Compact Size Design

Efficiency level: meet the newest level, such as DOE VI, CoC V, GEMS VI

Environmental Regulation: meet ErP, ROHS, REACH, PFOS, SVHC etc.

Mechanical: Desktop: C14/C8/C6/C18, Non-detachable (Cord-in Cord-out) from 5W to 310W

          Wall Mount: plug pack US/EU/UK/AU 2pins/3pins plug Adapters from 5W to 90W

          Interchangeable US/EU/UK/AU/Korea/India/South Africa/ China 2pins/3pins plug USB Socket

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