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L and cUL

UL certification is for America market and cUL for Canada. Astek Adapters and Open Frames are with UL and cUL safety certifications. The standards of UL and cUL are not the same but similar. We comply with the standards both UL and cUL. From Sep. 16 of 2013, Canada government asked the applicants and manufacturers to write safety warning and caution marketing in French on the products, instruction manuals, or packages.


On Astek power supplies, there are UL60950-1, UL60065-1, UL62368-1, and UL60601-1 and so on. From Dec. 20 of 2020, UL60950-1 and UL60065 will be replaced with UL62368-1, which is based on Hazard-Based Safety Engineering (HBSE). Most of Astek Power Supplies catch the newest steps and with UL/IEC62368-1.


Concerning UL/cUL symbol marks, adapters are different with open frames. The left-above mark is for adapter, another is open frame.


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