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AES-1000 Energy Storage Power Supply

Battery capacity12V 135Ah 1500Wh, 12V 90Ah , output power Rated 800W Peak 1000W, CE, FCC, LVD, ROHS Certified lab tested and approved.

AES-1000 Energy Storage Power Supply

*High-end fashion, aluminum alloy shell material, lightweight portable, stylish appearance Energy Storage power supply

*The core with power lithium batteries, 12V 135Ah 1500Wh, 12V 90Ah 1000Wh provides continuous power supply

*EPS indoor and outdoor standby emergency power supply, energy storage power supply, power bank

*220V/12V/5V AC / DC output, power output energy, Provide AC output, DC output two different voltage mode output,to meet the user's electronic products charging, AC power, and field car ignition and other aspects of the demand.

*CE, FCC, LVD, ROHS Certified lab tested and approved.

*Application: various equipment, such as Mobile phones, tablets, notebook computers, small printers, various lamps and lanterns, small fish tank heaters, photographic equipment, electric balanced unicycle charging, medical equipment, home travel, outdoor work, camping and picnics, A mountaineering expedition etc.

*advanced manufacturing and design technology by customers’ demand
Output power Rated 800W,Peak1000W

Input Voltage AC 110V~220V 50/60Hz

Output Voltage 220V 50Hz / 110V 60Hz

DC output 24V/5A 5V/2A

LED light 1W, max. 3W

Solar charge 18V 500W

Output waveform Pure sine wave

Blackout reaction time ≤5 ms

overload Ac output disconnected after overload, indicator light bright red,disconnect load, restart recovery

Short circuit Ac output disconnected after short circuit,disconnect load, restart recovery
size 37*17.5*23cm

Part No.                AES-1000A                     AES-1000B

Battery capacity  12V 135Ah 1500Wh        12V 90Ah 1000Wh

Charging Time     11-12 hours                   8-9 hours

Weight                16kg                              12kg

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