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Home Products Medical Adapter AEM024 16W-36W Medical Wall Mount Adapter/Charger

AEM024 16W-36W Medical Wall Mount Adapter/Charger

*Input 90-264VAC *Output 5V~48V *DOE VI/DOE V (optional)*Protections: Overcurrent/ Overvoltage * UL, cUL60601, EN/IEC60601 with 3rd edition, CE, FCC approved.*Application: Medical charger, medical adaptor *one year warranty


AEM024  16W-36W Medical Wall Mount Adapter

Voltage: 90~264VAC

Frequency: 50~60Hz

Input current: 1.0-0.5A                               

Inrush current: <=60A at cold start   

Over Current/ Over Voltage Protection: Auto Recovery

Part No          Rated O/P(current max.)        Ripple & Noise(mV p-p)

AEM024-S05-z      5-8V/4A/24W                       100

AEM024-S09-z      9-11V/3A/27W                      250

AEM024-S12-z      12-17V/2.5A/30W                    250

AEM024-S24-z      18-24V/1.66A/30                    350

AEM024-S48-z      36-48V/0.83A/30W                  480

AEM024-S120-z     12V/3A/36W                       250

AEM024-S240-z     24V/1.5A/36W                      350

z: U=US, E=EU, A=Australia/New Zealand, B=British

Mechanical   US/EU/UK/Australia(SAA) plug  Size: 75.8*42.8*30.2(mm), weight: 200g

Load Regulation: +/-5% Max.

Line Regulation: +/-1% Max.                       

Hold Up Time: >=8.3mS

Turn On Time: <=3s

Efficiency: DOE VI, DOE V

Operating Temperature: 0~40degree C

Storage Temperature: -20~85degree C

Storage Humidity: 5~95% RH

Safety approvals: UL, cUL60601, EN/IEC60601 with 3rd edition


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