https://www.astekglobe.com/contact.html Astek Globe https://www.astekglobe.com/images/corpimg.png 9Fl-1., No. 428, Chung Hsiao E. Road, Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan $ 02-1234-5678 Astek Globe is Your Reliable Solutions on Power Supplies. Astek Globe focuses on providing complete product lines and kind service for power supplies. Our products are with the newest safety/ environment/energy efficiencies certifications and the instant technologies to design and produce the power supplies, including wall mount/interchangeable plugs/desktop adapters, open frames, battery charger, USB/USB C chargers, car chargers, medical adapters and medical open frames.When inquiries, we listen to and understand customers’ demand, evaluate the best solution and close to the steps of projects to approach win-win. Especially, the product lines are complete and various to make one-stop buy. Globalization is the critical issue, too. Our customers come from all over around the world. We highlight the using conditions of multiple countries for switching power supplies and make them work safe and efficient under hot, humid, cold, dry, ESD (electro static discharger, or unstable input voltage circumstances). In addition, every country has sole input voltages and power plugs of AC/DC adapters. For instance, from Astek Globe product lists, there are US/Japan/Taiwan, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, UK,  2 and 3 pins plugs, and Korea/Chinese/South Africa plugs and so on. Also, C6/C14/C8/C18 AC inlets on desktop types. Universal input voltage are from 90~264VAC. It has been updating with the renewal standard of safety approvals, green power and power saving, such as IEC62368-1, EN62368-1, UL62368-1, CoC, ErP etc..  Green powers and compact designs are the global trend and also our directions of power supply designs. Switching power supplies are core part of devices and equipment, like heart, providing power sources. So, choosing the right partner "Astek Globe" to speed up your project right now. Just inquire to info@astekglobe.com right now. 
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