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APD032 32W DC DC Car Charger

*Input 10.8-28VDC *12~24VDC *DC DC Car Adapter*Protections:Short Circuit/Overcurrent/Overvoltage*Low Ripple Noise*100% Burn-in test High AmbientTemp(40°C)*Application:Car charger,Automobile charger **One year warranty


APD032   32W DC DC Car Charger battery

 *DC DC Car Adapter

*Protections: Short Circuit/Overcurrent/ Overvoltage

*Low Ripple Noise

*100% Burn-in test High Ambient Temp(40°C)

*Application: Car charger, Automobile charger, Vehicle adapter

Input Voltage: 10.8-28VDC

Input current: 3.5A max.

Over Voltage Protection/Short Circuit Protection: Auto Recovery

Ripple & Noise: 500mV max.

Part No     O/P Voltage    O/P Current(max.)   watt Max      

APD032     12~24V            1.5A              32W                            

Efficiency Level : >=85%

Operating Temperature: 0~40degree C

Storage Temperature: -20~85degree C

Safety: Meet CE and FCC
Mechanical: APD032.jpg

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